Web Series Agenda

Web Series Agenda

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The Impact, Challenges, and Opportunities for the MPL Industry

Mary-Lou Misrahy, ARM, Chief Executive Officer, Alestri Insurance Company; CEO Emeritus,
Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company

Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The Doctors Company
Stefan Holzberger, CPA, Chief Rating Officer, AM Best Company
Timothy J. Kenesey, President & Chief Executive Officer, MedPro

What will be the impact of innovation on healthcare? Will Artificial Intelligence change the way
patients are diagnosed? How will telehealth impact patient care? Will healthcare expansion and
mergers and acquisitions expand patient choice? Hear from a panel of industry executives
discuss these and other issues and how they could affect medical liability and risk financing.

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Financial Update: A New Normal?

James D. Hurley, ACAS, MAAA, Consulting Actuary, Willis Towers Watson

Recent financials show calendar year underwriting combined ratio settling in at levels above the
breakeven of 100%. For those focused on profitable underwriting results or who became
accustomed to the earlier very favorable underwriting results, this is unwelcome news. However,
despite deterioration in calendar year underwriting performance, overall operating results remain
comfortably profitable for most writers of the coverage. Is this the new normal? Will 2019 align
with these results or will it signal a decline or improvement relative to the recent past? In this
session, the recent past will be reviewed, 2019 will be added in comparison to the recent past and
discussion will include some actual and potential responses to the current challenging

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Emerging Issues Essential to MPL Insurers

Theodore A Calianos, II, MD, FCAS, Director, Coverys

Charmy Shrode, CIC, Vice President of Underwriting, SVMIC
Jeffrey Stoner, JD, Senior Vice President, Claims & Risk Management, Cooperative of American
Physicians, Inc.
Ann Weinacker, MD, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University; Sr. Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Department of Medicine, Assoc. Chief Medical Officer, Patient Care Services, Immediate Past Chief of Staff, Chief Physician Executive, The Risk Authority, Stanford Medicine

There have been many significant developments in clinical care that affect claims, risk
management, underwriting, and legal strategies in an MPL operation. This information-packed
presentation will examine hot topics, look at key cases, and discuss emerging trends that will
provide new insights, thoughtful debate, and help you obtain the optimum result for your

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Acceptable Use: The Future of Health Information Technology Usability, Ethics, and Liability

Kristen Miller, DrPH, CPPS, MSL (c), Scientific Director, National Center for Human Factors in
Healthcare, MedStar Health

Health Information Technology (HIT), specifically clinical decision support (CDS), provides
promising new tools to help healthcare professionals improve diagnosis and care for individual
patients. While still permitting individual judgment to play a role, the goal is to lower the cost of
routinely—or not so routinely—encountered conditions by ensuring that the best of current
medical knowledge is available at the point of care. However, the implementation of these tools
in critical care raises foreseeable challenges with regards to usability, ethics, and legal
challenges. The speaker will focus on new techniques and use for improving the design and use
of HIT as a tool for patient-provider interactions, and how human factors engineering can
improve how HIT can be better used to get the right data to providers at the point of care. The
presentation will include discussion of the clinical, ethical, and legal implications of health
information technology for CDS designers, clinicians, and patients.

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Emerging Patient Safety Data Technologies and the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Lisa Calder, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Director, Medical Care Analytics, CMPA

Teodor Grantcharov, MD, PhD, FACS, Professor for Surgery, University of Toronto; Keenan
Chair in Surgery, St. Michael’s Hospital; Founder, CEO, Surgical Safety Technologies Inc.
Randall Smith, Risk Analysis and Strategy at Stanford Medicine, Stanford Health Care

Medical device innovations can be viewed as a mixed blessing with the potential to
decrease—and in some instances increase medical liability exposure. While new technologies are
leading to improvements in patient safety and outcomes, they also bring inherent risks.
Frequently, there are external pressures to use these devices as well as an overestimation of their
benefits. The newness of the technology means that standards of care and accepted training
guidelines may not yet have been established. This session will evaluate the use of artificial
intelligence and data analytics to help capture lessons learned from “near misses” and develop
risk mitigation strategies that decrease MPL exposure.

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Data Analytics: Innovations in Claims Handling

David Kinard, MEd, PCM, Senior Vice President Business Development, Physicians Insurance A Mutual

Chad C. Karls, FCAS, MAAA, Principal & Consulting Actuary, Milliman, Inc.
Mark N. Koussa, JD, Director of Product Management, LexisNexis

This panel will unpack the practical side of data analytics from a claims handling perspective.
Beginning with a discussion on machine learning/artificial intelligence capabilities that enable
MPL carriers to evaluate claims and create new strategies, you’ll also hear about specific tools
that your peers are using to optimize performance of legal counsel, leverage litigation strategies,
and control and reduce expenses. Also learn implementation challenges and how to avoid
common landmines and discuss a practical roadmap to starting on this journey.

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Aligning Your Corporate Culture to Inspire Women in Medicine

Robert M. Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer, Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi

Linda S. Crawford, JD, Principal, Linda Crawford & Associates
Laurie C. Drill-Mellum, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, Constellation
Jo Shapiro, MD, FACS, Center for Medical Simulation, Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care
and Pain Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital; Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Women now constitute 51% of today’s medical students, building on steady increases in recent
years. What are the unique challenges for executives and senior leadership in MPL companies in
addressing an increasingly changing landscape in terms of delivery of medicine, claims handling,
jury preparation, board composition, and senior leadership? Hear an experienced panel
composed of two female physicians and industry experts who will share their experience and
perspectives for fostering positive change. Learn real-world strategies to advance equity your
organization. In addition, get advice and insights on jury preparation and physician depositions
as it relates to gender.

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What the U.S. Can Learn About MPL From Other Countries

James Q. Swift, DDS, FACS, Professor, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Chair, OMS National Insurance
Co., RRG

Douglas Bell, MD, FRCSC, Associate Executive Director, and Managing Director, Safe Medical
Care, CMPA
Simon Kayll, Chief Executive, The Medical Protection Society Limited

While the United States is grappling with what a future with a “single payer system” or
“Medicare For All” might mean for the liability of healthcare providers and the role of MPL
insurers, a growing number of countries have robust medical liability/medical indemnity markets
with increasing liability for those providing care. Hear from international leaders in countries
that have different health systems, learn how their MPL systems work, and what lessons U.S.
insurance professionals can learn.