Join us for the triennial International Risk Management Seminar! This half-day seminar is an excellent opportunity for MPL professionals to network and learn from each other about the latest trends and best practices in risk management in the healthcare industry from the international perspective.

This year, international members of the MPL Association will focus on patient safety, specifically on systemic safety and resilience in healthcare. Hear from speakers from around the globe as they discuss how to learn from harm and create sustainable safety practices.

Special offer!
Bundled pricing available to attend the Underwriting Workshop and/or the Claims and Risk Management/Patient Safety Workshop—taking place immediately before and after the International Risk Management Seminar.

Seminar topics will include:

  • Building risk and resilience into systemic safety
  • Incorporating the Safety-II approach for missed diagnoses
  • How patient demographics impact claims and complaints
  • Facilitated roundtable discussion—raise questions from previous presentations and engage with colleagues on the most important patient safety and risk issues.